KIUD | Premium packaging from textile waste

The launch of rental packaging system TANGO​

Introducing TANGO – the first and groundbreaking e-commerce packaging rental system, co-launched with Ringo Eco and Itella Estonia.

TANGO is a game-changer – a circular packaging system that’s not only a first in Estonia but also a significant step towards more sustainable e-commerce practices. The rental system is for e-shops that sell fashion goods, accessories, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics or other smaller goods.


This approach helps reduce packaging waste and promotes a circular economy, aligning perfectly with the upcoming EU packaging waste management regulations and circular economy principles.


Here’s how it works

1. An e-shop integrates a special plugin provided by us that enables to highlight KIUD rental packaging option at the e-shop checkout.

2. When customer places an order, they are provided an option to choose KIUD packaging at the checkout.

3. Customer chooses KIUD packaging and pays a 3€ deposit that is added to the total amount at the cart.

4. Customer takes out the goods, scans the QR code at KIUD packaging and brings it to the nearest return station.

5. We will collect the packages and recirculate them again!