KIUD | Premium packaging from textile waste

How to return a package?

Returning KIUD and Low imPACK packaging

KIUD rental system operates on a deposit basis, where consumers receive a refund upon returning the empty package to a designated return station in Estonia. 


Formerly known as Low imPACK, some packages may still display the old logo.


PS: Please ensure that you have scanned the QR code, confirmed the deposit, and entered the details of where you expect the deposit refund before returning the package. 


1. Choose

Select KIUD's reusable packaging option at the online store’s checkout and pay a refundable deposit of 3€.

2. Scan

Open the camera on a smartphone and hold it above the QR-code to scan. Click on the yellow link that appears.

3. Return

Take the empty package to the nearest Tango return box. Additional info below.

4. Refund

Deposit returned within 14 days of package return to us. Please note: Confirm deposit and payment details beforehand.

Packaging return locations

You can find the nearest return point on the map! 

  • Tabasalu Rimi
  • Tallinna Arsenali center
  • Viimsi Kaubanduskeskus (Delice)
  • Tallinna Balti Jaama turg
  • Laagri Maksimarket
  • Tallinna Nõmme center
  • Tallinna Kristiine center 1. floor
  • Rocca al Mare Centre
  • Mustamäe Centre
  • Tartu Rebase Rimi
  • Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi
  • Tartu Anne Prisma
  • UKU Shopping Centre

Beta version

New QR software update

You can now log into your account to see the balance of your packaging returns. Also, you can find out how much you have contributed to saving the environment by choosing to deliver your online purchase in a reusable packaging.

How to log in:


  • Enter your phone number.
  • Insert the unique code sent by SMS.
  • Click on the PROPERTIES tab to see your packaging returns and the account balance.
  • More info

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Open the camera mode on your smartphone.

2. Place the camera above the QR code until you see the yellow link.

3. Click on the link.

4. Fill in the form and press on the tab “KINNITA PANT 3€”.

5. Bring the empty package to the nearest  Tango’s return station, which are located next to Smartpost Itella parcel lockers.

NB! You only have to fill in the form once. The second time around you can just scan the QR code and confirm the return.

QR codes can be scanned only with smartphones.

If you have smartphone that doesn’t have a built-in QR code scanner, then we recommend you to install a free QR code reader from the Google Play store.


Click here to download the app.

Don’t worry! You might have received the package as a gift box that comes without a deposit and is thus, without a QR code.

However, you can always return such package to any Tango return station and we will happily keep it in circulation.

Click here to see all the return locations.

It’s ok! You can keep the package and reuse it for storing different items or use it as a gift wrap.


Please note that in this case the deposit will not be refunded.

We just hope that you will use our package as long as possible 😉

Once you scan the QR code on the package, you have 60 days to return it and get back the deposit money you paid for it.

After 60 days the deposit money will not be refunded anymore, however you can still drop the empty package at nearest Tango return station.

You can find all Tango’s return points here.

No, you can send out your online orders via any kind of logistics partner.

Smartpost Itella is only our partner for collecting back to used packaging from Tango’s return stations.